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Hello people who are reading this. ^^

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War -- 27 July 1953. As the author of Echo of Dusk & Dawn, I wished to take a few minutes to mark that date and reflect on it a little bit.

Last year I was fortunate enough to visit the Korean War Memorial in Seoul and pay my respects to the lives that were lost in the war that inspired (so to speak) my first YunJae fanfiction. (I had previously done the same in my own country's war memorial, where a section is dedicated to the soldiers here who fought for South Korea under the UN).

I'd like to thank the really sweet Korean gentleman volunteer who spoke some English and took me around  the memorial, giving me extra little facts. He was so super sweet!

^ One of the war monuments in front of the memorial building. If you enlarge the photo HERE (had to resize it ><), the number "6-25" refers to the 1950 Korean War (ie. it started 25th June).

In ways the war never officially ended since there was no peace treaty signed, and we all know tension remains between the North and South. Let us hope there is never a repeat of June 25 1950. The same goes for every country in the world. Unfortunately, different wars are still going on right now across the world and I sincerely wish that one day, somehow, such violence can be a distant memory. All we can do is concentrate on the grassroots and be kind to the people around us.

Some more pics from my visit:

^ Flags from across the world surround the entrance. Allies? I didn't have time to study them all properly because my bus was coming

^ You can see Seoul/Namsan Tower peeking through there.


As for the Yunho and JaeJoong of EoD, I can only imagine what they would be doing. I suppose sitting together on their couch, reminiscing about the 63 years they have known each other; the day they first met, and the time they lost and found each other again. (And all the times JaeJoong's wanted to whack Yunho with his walking stick and vice versa, haha!) ^^ <3

And to answer some questions, yes, self-publishing EoDawn is still something I am interested in doing. I am trying to focus on finishing my current fics at the moment though before I revisit EoD -- I can't publish EoDawn until my perfectionism is satisfied with proofreading the whole long thing. It was written 5-6 years ago and some of the way sentences are phrased make me cringe a little so... All in good time, I guess? ^^;;

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