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Hey gorgeous peeps!

I decided to make this post (which will always remain at the top of my journal) for those of you who ever get curious about when the heck I'm done writing a chapter or what projects I work on. Maybe it'll help keep me focused. XD


*1st October
The next ATL chapter will be delayed. My head is still in "Xia Week". We had the pleasure of having Junsu perform for us multiple times and he was a metre away from me too many times to count so...my friends and I are still in Junsu Land. No one else exists. (Sorry to anyone who follow me on twitter. Or if you do, "NIPPLE RUB!!!!!!!
" That is all.) The last time this happened so bad after a concert was with Kylie Minogue when I was in primary school! loll. So yes, I am only just starting to get back into my YunJae mode today. =P

*26th September
Posted Chapter Six of ATL.

*16th September
Posted Chapter Five of ATL.

*11th September
There will be a slight delay with the posting of ATL Chap 5 (I'm aiming for the weekend). The main reason being: I can't actually MOVE! I went to the gym with good intentions with a friend but doing a cardio weight-lifting circuit that my body had not worked itself up for was a bigggg mistake. It hurts to sit, it hurts to turn over in bed, it hurts to walk, and I can't lift my arms up (there is good food in the high cupboards I can no longer reach up for!!). I normally write by hand, lying on my side and that is hurting so much. Alternatively, I write a few things straight onto the laptop but it hurts to lean over for long periods. So I am basically just stuck waiting for my muscles to calm down. It's already been a few days and still painful. ^^;; But emotionally, I've admittedly had a bipolar DBSK week with some hormone-induced emoshinki patches, so in a way it is good timing that it has happened now -- I can get over it whilst I can't move anyway. XDD

*5th September
Posted Chapter Four of ATL.

I just realised I have hit 500+ people having friended this journal. Um...wow. Considering my policy is never to lock my main fics under pretty much any circumstance, I am so touched by 500+ caring enough to friend away anyway. I won't lie, I teared up just an incy-wincy bit. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my little heart. <3

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