Jul. 30th, 2013

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Hi there.

So this is the most bizarre post I'm likely to ever make... I guess you could consider it a kind of funny story.

Consider me a lost puppy right now.

Basically, this weekend I was going to make a (small) announcement. That announcement was that I had a new fic I was going to start posting.

I am aware TB;MS has two or three chapters left still but this new fic was just going to be a complimentary project I could have fun with at the same time to balance out my emotions. (TB;MS is very taxing on my emotions. I love it but it is one hell of a bitch to write.)

The new fic makes me laugh. It's good fun even though it's not strictly comedy (FLANGST, baby). I already had a banner for it, I had an OST for it (for my own purposes, I wouldn't enforce it on others because we all connect with different music), and more importantly, I had a title that I’ve never wanted to change since the minute it came into my head over a year ago: Across The Line (oh the many metaphors). All that was left was a summary for it (and I think the majority of us cry at the thought of having to write a decent summary XD).

But... A lovely little spanner has been thrown in the works. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

^LOL sorry, couldn't help myself. He's too cute.

You have to be kidding me... )

wild_terrain: (JaeHo Forever yours)

Guys! Guys!! The comedy continues.

This is definitely becoming a hilarious Stephen Colbert VS arch-nemesis Rain situation.



Thank you for viewing this comedy with me. It's fun having you guys around to laugh with. So with that in mind, there was an update in my ARCH NEMSIS lolsy situation that I thought was too good to keep to myself. I now have a visual demonstration of how nutty one of the coincidences has been (not the obscure one though. That was episode one and this is from episode two! lolll). Get ready to nod and laugh with me.

Visuals, my darlings, visuals... )

But so this post isn't just me laughing at myself, I thought I should make myself useful and tell you some things about my new fic! =D


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