Dec. 13th, 2012

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Title: The Beacon; My Siren
Author: wild_terrain (iefi_chan)
Banner (Made beautifully by love_cassiopeia
Chapter: [37/ 40?]
Rating: MA15+
Genre: AU
 [FLANGST, mystery, spirituality, romance]
Summary: Philophobia… The fear of falling in love or being in love. I didn’t know such a thing existed until I met him… Kim JaeJoong was my age—a youthful 25 years—and the owner of a popular café, yet he was already known around town as the mysterious hermit who had chosen to completely withdraw from the world. How on earth could someone so young be afraid of loving others to the point of secluding themselves from all human beings? What was he afraid of? What was he hiding? I just didn’t understand it. And by that stage, the need to understand it was all I could think about... In fact, he was all I could think about…

Jung Yunho… For all of my life I had grown up away from the limelight. I couldn’t stand being noticed by anybody, and for a long time I thankfully never was. But then you came and suddenly you were everywhere – waving to me as I swept the café after closing, saying hello to me as you cycled past the bench I was sitting on, helping me carry my groceries inside whilst talking non-stop to me as if we were actually friends… Why are you always around making my heart thump erratically? Why do you even care? The more you try to explore this town, the more I need to step up and protect you from your own curiosity, because I know It is out there and I know It wants to harm you…


A/N: *Crawls out of hiding* I exist. This fic still exists. I took an appallingly long time to write this chapter and I am so apologetic for that as you know. I have been away for so long, both photobucket AND Livejournal have gotten different layouts and extra functions. I suddenly feel so noob! Oh goddddddd lol.

Having big breaks between updates really doesn't work in my favour for a fic with so many random details that are supposed to make up a bigger picture so I will definitely refresh your memories!


For a long time Yunho has been having special Dreams that either try to warn him of tricky future events or try and guide him to answers he's been looking for. The first involved Yunho lifting up a lid and finding childrens toys. The next forewarned him of JaeJoong's drowning. And the third showed him three new visuals: a photo of himself as a kid in hospital, his grandmother's ring, and a stained newspaper article which Yun eventually found one day on a train.

It looked like JaeJoong and Yunho were finally getting somewhere. JaeJoong was close to agreeing to try and see things the way Yunho sees them -- that the curse is actually just personified paranoia. He started trying to see it that way too... But then it was a task just a little too strong from him and he ended up trying to flush Yunho's anti-depressants down the toilet in case they were related to the curse. Yunho blew his top and decided enough was enough--if JaeJoong believed his paranoia over Yunho then he was done with JaeJoong. His last words to JaeJoong were more or less the message: have fun in your shitty world where you will always be unhappy. Oh, and he referred to JaeJoong as "Hermit" the cruel (but apt) nickname/label the townspeople gave JaeJoong for years. Ouch. Needless to say, JaeJoong didn't appreciate that one. 

Now on with the story!

You still haven't spoken for months?... )

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